What is our university like?

Find out about our campus atmosphere, locations and general environment.



Our university has the one, beautiful countryside campus

There is a library, places to eat/drink, a gym, and a variety of Student Services

Our University is small and friendly. It has around 500 students from a wide variety of different backgrounds, but we share our campus with around 5000 full and part time FE students. This means that campus can be very busy at times.  But you can always find a quiet space- whether it is on the Wellbeing Walk, by the fishing lake or pond, in the Wellbeing Hub or by booking a quiet room in the Library.

Teaching sessions take place in the cabins HE1 and HE2 and the Sainsbury Building,

Practical sessions take place in the Animal Management, the Equestrian, the Aquatic and the Veterinary Nurse Centres, as well as on the farm, on field trips and in our labs.

You can see our campus maps here Location – Autism & Uni Toolkit – University Centre Sparsholt (autism-uni.org)

For more information see this article: What is University Centre Sparsholt really like? – Autism & Uni Toolkit – University Centre Sparsholt (autism-uni.org)



How could this affect me?

The campus is bigger than you might be used to at School or College and getting lost is common for new students and when timetables change.

Becoming familiar with key buildings and locations may help you to prepare.  Take a look at this section if you have not already done so!

Location – Autism & Uni Toolkit – University Centre Sparsholt (autism-uni.org)

What to do next?

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