Dr Matthew Tallis

Hi, my name is Matthew Tallis and I am one of the university lecturers within the wildlife ecology and conservation degree. I am also the 3rd year course tutor.

Photograph of Matthew

About Matthew

I am passionate about education and the natural world, the influence of human societies on the natural world and especially all things related to trees.  I hold a BSc (Dual Hons) in Biochemistry and Physiology (University of Sheffield) an MSc in Environmental Science (University of Aberdeen) and a PhD investigating the effects of climate change on tree growth and function (University of Southampton).  I have worked on many national and international projects associated with trees, climate change and the sustainable use of land for bioenergy production. More recently, my research has involved exploring the roles of plants in urban settings and particularly in managing urban air pollution. I am also working on a project to develop more sustainable growing media for the horticultural industry.